How to Smoke Out of a Pipe: A Guide for Tobacco Users

Are you planning to switch from conventional cigarettes to using a pipe? Though tobacco use continues to go down, some smokers find their way to make the smoking experience more exciting.

Using a pipe is one of them. It gives a unique character to enjoying tobacco smoking. It also serves as a symbol of sophistication with every puff.

The question is, do you know how to smoke out of a pipe properly? Continue reading below for a quick to smoking out of a pipe.

Prep the Materials

Learning how to smoke out of a pipe begins with the proper materials. Invest in a pipe roll to help organize your supplies. A waxed canvas with some pockets should be fine.

Alternatively, an old cigar box will work, but avoid mixing your cigars and pipe tobacco to avoid intermingling their scents and flavors.

Next, get a pipe for beginners. The most common option is briarwood since it’s durable and heat resistant. If you want something classy, meerschaum tobacco pipes are the way to go.

If you have a small budget, consider the corn cob pipe. It has a shorter lifespan than meerschaum and briarwood. However, its performance is decent.

Find a lighter with optimal flame yield. Some companies offer lighters specifically for smoking tobacco with pipes. The lighters feature a hole in the chimney, allowing you to hold it sideways to suck the flame into the pipe.

Get some pipe cleaners to use in-between smokes. Buy a tamper to press down the tobacco into the pipe bowl.

Lastly, find some quality tobacco for beginners. It’s best to get one with the best scents. Click on the link and read more about improving your pipecraft.

Packing Your Pipe

Packing the pipe is the most challenging part of the whole pipe-smoking experience. Take a pinch of your tobacco and drop it into the pipe’s bowl. This move is the three-layered method.

Never push it down. Instead, fill the bowl until it reaches the top before tamping down the tobacco. It will fill up the bowl halfway.

Repeat the process until you fill three-quarters of the bowl. Add a round of tobacco until you reach below the rim.

Light it Up and Enjoy

Vaping attracts more smokers with a less complex smoking experience, but nothing beats lighting up a tobacco pipe. Hold the flame above the bowl and take about six short puffs.

Move the flame around the bowl to char the top of the tobacco. Get your tamper and press the tobacco once. After that, hold fire over the bowl before taking six deep puffs.

Once you lit the tobacco, a single bowl can last about 45 minutes.

Go Beyond Learning How to Smoke Out of a Pipe

Now that you know how to smoke out of a pipe, you can enjoy a different kind of smoking experience. However, using it is only one of the many skills you can learn.

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