How to Potty Train Your Dog

Have you ever thought of the right way to potty train your dog?

When you decide to add a new dog to your family, one of the most exciting events is their impending arrival. However, before you let that new puppy into your home, there is another matter to attend to — potty training your dog.

Teaching your new dog how to use the bathroom outside is an essential step to preventing accidents and frustrations in your new home. Fortunately, potty training is a relatively easy task that can be a fun experience for both of you if you approach it with patience and understanding.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to potty train your dog!

Start with the Basics

This means taking them out at the same time every day and giving them a specific place to go.

An effective way to do this is to use a product like TEOS Potty Solutions. This is designed to attract your dog to the potty area and encourage them to use it.

Once you have a routine down, you can begin to teach your dog specific commands, such as “go potty.” It is important to be consistent with your commands and to reward your dog when they do what you ask.

With time, your dog will learn what is expected of them and will be successfully potty trained.

Be Patient and Consistent

To potty train your dog, you’ll need to be patient and consistent. Start by taking your dog outside frequently, especially after they eat or drink.

Give them plenty of time to relieve themselves.

If they go, praise them enthusiastically. You can also give them a small treat as a reward. Once your dog is using the potty area consistently, you can start to phase out the treats and just give them praise.

If they don’t, don’t punish them, just clean up any accidents and try again later. Eventually, they’ll learn that going outside is where they’re supposed to go.

Setup Designated Area

A good way to start potty training your dog is by setting up a small area in your yard with grass or artificial turf. Bring your dog to this area to go potty and praise them when they do their business.

You can start to give them more freedom in your house and yard but still supervise them closely. If they did not do it accordingly, just calmly take them back to the potty area and try again.

Start Potty Training Your Dog

Potty training your dog can be a frustrating process, but with patience and consistency, it can be done!

The most important thing is to be patient, stay consistent with your commands and rewards, and never punish your dog for accidents. With time and patience, your furry friend will be potty trained in no time!

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