How to Choose Tissot Watches: A Guide

If we are talking about watches, Swiss brands are the first thing that comes to mind. Last 2020, the Swiss Watch Industry stated that Switzerland shipped 13 million watches.

Tissot watches are one of the popular swiss brands. They have a rich history in watchmaking and offer a range that fits every person.

Are you considering buying a Tissot watch? Don’t know what and how to choose? Don’t worry cause in this article about Tissot watches, we got you covered.

A Brief History of Tissot

An innovator by tradition is the tagline of Tissot, and you can prove this by looking at their history. They released the first anti-magnetic wristwatch in 1930. In 1951, they released the first automatic wristwatch with a 24-time zone display.

Since 1853, the brand manufactured Tissot watches for men and women. They are also the leading brand in global distribution among Swiss watches.

Tissot Watches to Buy

There are many Tissot watches that you can pick. But, you must know what models the brand offers to choose the best watch for you. Here are some of them:

Vintage Models

If you are a collector or thinking of collecting watches, you can choose this one. Look for wristwatches above 25 years old.


The T-Classic is a collection of timeless designs by Tissot. Included in this collection are the Chrono XL classic and the flamingo ladies.


If you are looking for traditional yet advanced timekeeping tools, this one is for you. Here includes the Porto and the Heritage 1973 watches.


T-Gold is the most expensive collection. But, they are still the best watches for an affordable price. One model included in this collection is the Tissot Bridgeport Automatic gold watch.


If you are looking for a sporty design and feel, this collection is for you! This collection comes with unique features suitable for sports.


The T-touch collection by Tissot is the first touchscreen wristwatch in the world. One of the popular models in this collection is the Expert Solar watch.

Tips in Buying Tissot Watches

When buying a Tissot watch, it’s best to look for a trusted brand dealer. You can visit H2hub Tissot for a variety of Tissot watches for you.

Make sure that you also know how to spot fake Tissot watches. Some things you need to check for fakes are:

  • You can feel the winding system
  • Costs lower than $200
  • Engraved T on the winding crown

Buying counterfeit watches supports crime and can destroy jobs and economic growth. If you are still uncertain, you can ask an expert.

Buy Tissot Watches Now!

Wearing watches can change any person’s behavior. It can change how other people perceive you and leave an impression on them.

You can choose Tissot watches that balance quality and reasonable price. These watches can last you a lifetime and ensure that you have a premium product in your hands.

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