How Do You Know When a Dog Is Sick?

The business of veterinary science is worth more than $54 billion today. This is good news, as it means that you can get professional help whenever your dog falls ill. Pets today are susceptible to so many different diseases, allergies, and other issues that can affect their health.

But, how do you know when a dog is sick? Keep reading to find out.

How Do You Know When a Dog Is Sick?

Getting a veterinarian’s professional opinion is the most useful way to tell if your dog is sick. Find a quality veterinarian in your city and book an appointment to run some tests. A veterinary appointment will typically cost $20 to $85 in most cases.

As an owner, you also need to be attuned to your pet’s tendencies. Here are some signs you should pay attention to so you know how to tell if your dog is sick:

Gagging and Vomiting

If you see vomit or gagging like they’re going to vomit, you most likely have a sick dog on your hands. They could have an upset stomach or are dealing with viral infections or other issues.

In many situations, the dog is dealing with these symptoms because they were digging in the trash or otherwise ate something that they shouldn’t have. Make a sweep of the house to see if your dog left any evidence.

The Dog Isn’t Eating

A lack of appetite is another telltale sign of an ill dog. If you have your dog on a regular food schedule, you’ll quickly notice if they’re leaving their bowl full or only picking at what you’re feeding them.

If this goes on for more than a day or two, your dog is likely dealing with an illness of some kind.

Changes in Weight

Weight change is another detail to pay attention to when you’re figuring out how to tell if a dog is sick. If your dog is either losing or gaining a lot of weight, it could mean that they’ve fallen ill.

Keep track of the dog’s weight every time you take them to the vet, and notice anytime there’s a huge swing up or down. Get a scale for your house so that you can know for sure.

Differences in Behavior

How do I know if my dog is sick? Their behavior will typically give them away. If your dog is usually hyper but is suddenly subdued, this could point toward illness. The same applies if your dog usually greets you when you come home, but for the past few days, you’ve had to go find them.

Study as much as you can about your dog so that you become a more informed pet owner. Look into your dog’s breed genetics to understand illnesses that affect them more than others.

How Do You Know When a Dog Is Sick?

So, how do you know when a dog is sick? Now that you have the right information, do everything in your power to look after your favorite pet. You love your pet, so give it every chance at a healthy life by continuously brushing up on your skills.

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