Geetanjali movie review – Anjali heroine

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Geethanjali is a 1989 Telugu film made by Mani Ratnam, who wrote and directed it. The lead characters are Nagarjuna and GirijaShettar, with Ilaiaji performing the songs. The film was successful in both commercial and critical terms on its publication. It received the award for providing wholesome entertainment, and even seven others recognized it as well, earning seven accolades in all, including the national award for the most popular film. Ratnam has directed only one Telugu film to date, and with this movie, he has firmly established his position in Telugu film history. In terms of storyline and technical departments, it can comfortably compete with any Hollywood film. Mani Sir’s direction is simply excellent. In a scene preceding the finale, he employs fog as a means of communication, demonstrating his approach to emotion filmmaking. P C Sreeram’s cinematography adds another dimension to the film. Ooty’s positions are captured fascinatingly and differently. It is neither excessively deep nor excessively shallow. It’s just two young people falling in love, together with all the highs and lows that entails. Naturally, it’s a Ratnam love tale, which means it’s super cute. On the whole, Geethanjali has certain redeeming qualities. It begins on a comical note but gradually mellows out in the second part, which often becomes repetitive. Geethanjali is a one-time watch due to the inclusion of A-list comedians and some amusing humor in the first half. Immediately switch to Aha OTT If watching Telugu comedy movies online is becoming an unsolved problem for you. Aha, OTT will bring all your confusion, turmoil, and search for the movie of your taste to its end. This OTT platform provides you with the choice to choose the best fit for you. Watch Geetanjali movie online along with many other Telugu movies and web series. When the question is about economic plans and quality picks, Aha OTT holds the prime position. If you are amenable to this hilarious comedy, subscribe to Aha quickly to suit your appetite for good Telugu movies.