Builds from Starlight

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Light is a ubiquitous form of energy used in all manner of devices, be they numenera or of a more mundane sort. However, the sight of an individual crafting ethereal object out of thin air is a sight to behold, as such a talent is extremely rare. Those who can perform this “magic” are generally Samaritans of the community they find themselves in, with their powers being put to use for construction, field working and general labor; however, when a particularly skilled “Solan”, as they are called, becomes fond of their community, they may create incredibly complex factories reminiscent of the Old Worlds through the proper placement of pieces, all in the effort to make the life of the town’s citizens easier.

However, most Solans are mentally imbalanced, and it is theorized that this is the cause, not the result, of their powers. Regardless of how the affliction affects their mind’s structure, Solans are more often than naught extremely fidgity, nervous or shy when around others; ironic, as each and everyone one has an inner drive to seek out people far and wide and help them in any way possible.

It should be noted though that Solans should never be left in absolute darkness.  No one is sure what happens, but after the children of an enclave pulled a prank on their Solan in which they dropped a completely opaque synth cloak in an innocent attempt to surprise her, hell truly broke loose. Within the ruins, the complex photonic machinery had been corrupted into demonic, shadowy forms that projected hellish non-light out of their shadowy maws; they claimed 1,527 lives before they were subdued by a convent of Aeon Priests. The only survivors, the children responsible for the event, were broken shells that would only whisper “Don’t turn off the light”. The Solan, however, was never seen nor heard from again.


GM Intrusion: One of the panels you have used in the construction of a crevice spaning bridge momentarilly flickers out of existence, causing the farmer's wife to plummit to her death.


Your constructs have either helped or ruined the town a PC called home, and they feel indebted/ hate towards you.

Additional Equipment:

One oddity: a child’s nightlight, which provides just enough light to keep the Dark away.

Esotery Effects:

Your esoteries leave ephemeral strings of of ghostly white light in their wake. Finer than a spider’s web and seemingly under the influence of an invisible wind, they drift through objects as if neither of them really exist. Onlookers often have to convince themselves that they’re eyes aren’t deceiving them to truly notice them.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
A thin barrier encircles your immediate area, which decrease the difficulty of defending any attack trying to cross through it by 1.
Major Effect Suggestions:
A layer of highly energized light covers your weapon, allowing it to reduce the armor of the target it hits by 1-2.
Tier 1:

Photonic Formation (2+ Intellect points): You can form the ambient light around you into a geometric structure (hexagon, circle, square) twice your size or smaller. However, starting at level 1, the smaller the structure the higher its level becomes, but the level can instead increase through the application of effort on a 1-1 ratio. The damage each structure can do is equal to half its level (modify where applicable). This structure can be moved around through mental command at the speed of an arrow.

Fugue state: If you want to have out more than six constructs at once, you must enter a fugue stat. You may do nothing but control and create more constructs. If you suffer more than two damage during an enemies turn, the fugue state is broken and your structures disipate until the original six are all that’s left.

Tier 2:

Wave Alteration (2+ Intellect points): You can escalate or decrease the frequency of the light in one, multiple or all of your structures by one tier, giving them specific attributes:

  • Radio: Barrier has a +2 advantage against energy, but cannot interface with physical objects.
  • Infrared: Barrier becomes invisible, but 1 level less in strength
  • Visible Spectrum Light: No benefit
  • Ultraviolet: Penetrates 1 armor
  • X-ray: Deals ½ its level in damage to any surface it touches for as long as it exists, but has a set lifespan of 3 rounds.

Enhance concentration:  You may now form twelve forms without entering a fugue state

Tier 3:

Conjunction: Constructs can be attached to each other.

Tier 4:

Field Polarization (3 Intellect points): You can electromagnetically charge your constructs to the point where it can alter the path of energy and violently pull metallic objects towards it.

Tier 5:

Symphony of the Spheres: You can now form more complex shapes, such as spirals, prisms and spheres.

Tier 6:

Nth Fold Form (7+ Intellect points): With at least thirty seconds of concentration, or 3-4 rounds, you may construct a 50-50-50 foot level 5 structure, be it a simple geometric or a complex one. While you cannot move these structures with great speed, (i.e. no gigantic spears of light moving at 50 MPs) you can use other means, such as electromagnets, slingshots, and air to move the construct at high speeds. By investing effort, you may increase the level of your structure or increase its dimensions by 10-10-10.

Freedom of Mind: When in a fugue state you may move around at 5o% of your usual speed and perform basic tasks.