Manipulates Chromosomes

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You’ve always been able to see… deeper. It’s impossible to describe to another person without them thinking you are either a lunatic, or a dangerous villain. You are able to feel the genetic code present in all creatures you touch or are near. Reading it like an open book, one could say.

You can change that book, at least for a short time. Making yourself or others faster and stronger for a short time is taxing, however. Perhaps you share your own genetic code with people through some… ultra-dimensional method. Maybe you can control the numenera into changing the DNA of others, but the new graft never holds for long.


GM Intrusion: Changing the basic units of life can be dangerous. In your attempt to heal, you deal damage. In your attempt to improve, you detract.


Pick a PC member. Using an artifact or cypher you were able to cure a debilitating ailment they were suffering from. They either feel indebted to you, or are hanging around you in case your are just a snake oil salesman.

Esotery Effects:

Your esoteries are based on the building blocks of life, DNA. Any esoteries provided by the Nano and Jack type function as normal. The esoteries provided by this focus affect those with biological DNA. This means that your DNA based esoteries can impact your biological allies.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You observe someone has a debilitating genetic defect or illness. This makes intimidation and attempts to convince 1 step easier.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Demonstrating your powers causes your foes to tremble. You gain Edge 1 for your Intellect pool when targeting this enemy.
Tier 1:

Transmute Hormones (2+ Intellect points): You use up one of your recovery rolls. The amount of intellect points you spend depends on which recovery roll you are consuming. For example, if you are in combat and have spent your 1st recovery roll, it takes 2 Intellect points to spend your 2nd recovery roll, or 3 Intellect Points for your 3rd recovery roll.


Tier 2:

Organic Awareness: You can sense large clusters of organic cells within 15 feet of you. This new sense does not give you any information about the cells or the organism that they make up-only their presence and general location. Enabler.

Abstract(2 Intellect): You cause a single foe within short range to become physically ill when exposed to adrenaline. When the target performs an overtly physical action (such as swinging a weapon, moving short-long distance, anything requiring a might roll) he is dazed for Tier rounds. Action.


Tier 3:

Inversion(3 Intellect): You blast forth a wave of cell disrupting energy at a single target within long range. The target takes 6 points of cell disrupting damage that ignores armour, and all physical actions the target takes are 1 step harder.

Brittle (3 Intellect): You manipulate the cells within a biological foe’s bones (or similar organic structure), making them brittle and malleable for Tier days. Any physical attacks made with weapons against this target deal an extra 3 points of damage. Action.

Tier 4:

Anatomic Transfigure: Your constant changing of DNA has changed your own. You gain 2 cosmetic mutations, or 1 beneficial and 1 harmful mutation. Enabler.

Extremophile: You are specialized in resisting ambient environmental dangers like fire, acid, cold etc. Enabler.


Tier 5:

Messiah (5 Intellect Points): You cure one individual within immediate range of poison, disease or radiation. The amount of rounds required to cure the individual depends on how complex the ailment is. Action.

Biological Expert: You are trained in healing, performing surgery and identifying the species of an unknown creature.

Tier 6:

Berserk (6 Intellect points): You gain 6 Might points. You gain +3 Might Edge. The difficulty for any task requiring Intellect is increased by 3(besides trying to end this effect). You lose these points (if they weren’t spent) after 30 minutes. A difficulty 3 Intellect check is required to end this increase while it is still active. Action.

Locked In (6 Might Points): You gain 6 Intellect points. You gain +3 Intellect Edge. The difficulty for any task requiring Speed is increased by 3(besides trying to end this effect early). You lose these points (if they weren’t spend) after 30 seconds. A difficulty 3 Speed check is required to end this increase while it is still active. During this time you cannot move, and any attempt to move or hit you while this is active is decreased by 2 steps. You can cast esoteries in this mode, however. Action.