Controls Liquid Metal

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For some reason, you can control nanites in a very particular way, bonding them together to simulate living liquid metal. The uses of this power are vast, ranging from simple things – like sharpening blades, minor repairs, and cleaning up stuff – to more advanced uses like shaping them into tools, weapons, shields or a liquid armor that covers your body.

There are many possible explanations for having such control over the nanites: you have been chosen by a nano-spirit as some kind of shaman and you incorporate its powers and essence, you use a cyber-implant to hack them and through a special mushroom diet your mind can make the necessary calculations to keep such control, you have a numenera which interprets your thoughts in order to make the nanites respond to it.

The nanites become part of what you are, therefore you can’t take them off and use it when you want. As your control over the nanites grows, more of them join you and more liquid metal is part of you. The liquid metal can be seen shining over some parts of your body almost all the time, a possible reason you might like it is to show of a lot of skin, or cover yourself when you want to hide this aspect.


GM Intrusion: There's a strong electromagnetic field somewhere nearby affecting your control over the nanites, requiring more concentration - aise the ability's cost by 1 point.


Pick another PC, your nanites seem a little disturbed in his presence, often making humming noises or showing weird – and maybe disturbing – patterns.

Additional Equipment:

You have an oddity that looks like a perfect polished metal sphere. You can change it to create rough shapes, but nothing delicate, with details. Only those who can control liquid metal may manipulate it, which means you are not the only one in control of it.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You can align the metal to reflect light – if there is any on you – into an specific direction and maybe blind someone temporarily.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your nanites destroy the enemy's tissue at a molecular level, dealing 2 bonus to damage.
Tier 1:

Minor Matter Alterations (1 Intellect point): You can alter matter in microscopic ways, doing things like sharpening blades, making minor repairs (or major, taking more time and spending more intellect), cleaning up things (or small places). It’s very similar to Hedge Magic, but its useshould be coherent with the pawer’s nature – maybe requiring the GM approval. You can spend an additional 2 points of your Intellect poll to make longer actions (10 minutes, when you have to spend  2 more Intellect points), like repairing big things or cleaning big places. Action.

Enhance Weapon (2 Intellect points): You can make any metal weapon deadlier, by adding microscopic enhancements, like molecular sharpened blades, microscopic saws or stakes. The affected weapon grants the user a +1 bonus to damage. If the PC himself is using the weapon this ability effect lasts indefinitely (forever or until the GM judges that the weapon sustained enough damage and must be enhanced again), but if it is another character that is handling the weapon, then the effect lasts only 10 minutes. Action.

Tier 2:

Melting Climbing (3 Intellect Points): When you are climbing, the liquid metal helps by melting and filling the microspaces on the surface, moving the difficult two steps in your favour. It also allows you to remain stationary for as long you want. Action.

Omni-Tool (1+ Intellect points): you can shape a simple tool, without moving parts, for the task you are performing, and it moves the difficult one step in your favour. If a complex tool is necessary (at GM discretion), with moving parts or something else, you must spend an 2 additional points (total 3). The tool lasts for as long as you need to complete the task. Action.

Tier 3:

Liquid Weapon (3+ Intellect points): You can shape small or medium weapons with your liquid metal. The weapon last 10 minutes. This ability can be affected by Enhance Weapon by spending plus 1 Intellect point. Action.

Liquid Shield (3 Intellect points): You can shape a shield with your liquid metal. The shield last 10 minutes. Action.

Tier 4:

Liquid Armor (4 Intellect Points): You can cover your body with liquid metal creating an armor that gives you +3 to Armor without any penalty. The armor lasts 10 minutes. Action.

Tier 5:

Reflection Ray (3+ Intellect points): If there’s a lot of light available (condition above ) you can align the metal in a way that focuses the light in a ray to deal 4 points of damage to any target in long distance. If you apply Effort to increase the damage rather than to decrease the difficulty, you deal 2 additional points of damage per level of Effort (instead of 3 points). Action.

Tier 6:

Mastery over Metal: Your enhanced weapons receive a +1 bonus to damage and your Liquid Armor +1 bonus to Armor (giving you a total of +4). This bonus adds to the one from the Enhance Weapon ability, giving you a total bonus of +2. Now you also can create Large Weapons. Enabler.