Blessed : Descriptor

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Fate loves you and when you look up you see the gods smiling. You are blessed and all those that follow in your wake are sure to share in your natural good fortune. Some might think you a little naive, but you truly are just blessed by the fates themselves and have no need to worry about anything.

-2 to Speed Pool.
You know nothing bad is going to happen to you, so why bother checking for danger? Perception-related tasks are one step harder.

No-one is ever going to attack you, you’re blessed, whatever looks like an attack is surely just a welcoming embrace. Speed-defense tasks are one step more difficult.
You are an optimist and everything will always work out for the best. Nothing has ever gone wrong for you and as such your mind has no natural defenses – intellect defense tasks having to do with your sanity are one step more difficult.

Everything goes your way and you can never fail. Whenever you roll a 1, it counts as if you rolled a 20. This is because you are blessed. The universe is a warm, caring place and even at worst your efforts make a real, meaningful difference.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure

  1. Events couldn’t keep you away, any obstacle to joining in on this adventure just seemed to fall away.
  2. It looks like your contribution to the party could really make the difference and you want to share your blessing with others.
  3. You saved one of the PCs lives and they offered repay the debt. You laughed, telling them it was unnecessary but agreed to travel with them so they could ‘watch over you’, to make them feel less in your debt.
  4. Everything you know about fate has sent you down this path. You were meant to be here, the fates demand it.