Debunking the Most Common House Cleaning Myths That Exist Today

How much do you really know about house cleaning? Unfortunately, it can be hard to know what’s best practice—and what’s simply an old wives’ tale.

Why does it matter? It’s important to know house cleaning facts from fiction because improper cleaning can actually cause damage to your home, your valuable furniture, and can even put your health at risk.

To stay safe, keep reading to find the most common house cleaning myths—plus, how to avoid them!

Bleach Cleans Everything

One common cleaning myth is about bleach—you can use it for everything, right? Not so fast! Yes, bleach is an incredibly versatile cleaning agent, but a smart homeowner knows that it can’t be used for everything.

You should never use bleach on metal, wooden surfaces, granite, or anywhere near food prep areas, as it’s not safe and can cause permanent damage to certain surfaces.

Of course, bleach is also a strong chemical, so never mix it with any other cleaning solutions or chemical compounds and always store it away from direct sunlight.

Vacuuming Wears Out Carpeting

Another residential cleaning myth—you shouldn’t vacuum too often, as it can wear out your rugs and carpet. This simply isn’t true!

What’s bad for carpet is when it’s left dirty, since stains, bacteria, and dirt will cause long-lasting damage. A dirty carpet is also unsafe for animals and children.

Modern-day carpets are designed to withstand regular vacuuming. You don’t need to vacuum daily, but 2-3 times per week is no problem at all.

Professional House Cleaning Is Out of My Budget

I’d love to hire a professional cleaner for my home, but that’s something only rich people can afford. Yep, another myth!

A weekly house cleaning service is actually much more affordable than you might think, so consider having a cleaner come in every few weeks or weekly. You’ll save plenty of time and you’re sure to enjoy the beauty of your sparkling-clean home.

Everything Should Be Washed in Cold Water

It’s a common myth that all laundry should be washed in cold water. While it’s true that hot water can shrink some clothing items, you should actually be washing sheets and towels in hot water.

This is because hot water kills germs, which commonly develop on towels and bedding. However, hot water can sometimes cause bright colors to fade, so always separate white and colored laundry that’s being washed in warm water.

Watch Out for These Common House Cleaning Myths When Cleaning Your Home

How much do you know about proper house cleaning? Now that you know more about which myths to avoid, we hope you can clean your home more effectively.

A clean home helps you feel more confident, relaxed, and content, so always make time to keep your home tidy—it feels amazing after a long day at work to come to a beautifully clean home.

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