Clone Emitter : Cypher

Published December 15, 2013 by


The clone emitter is comprised of an oblong barrel with a needle on the bottom on one end, and a glass and metal box construction with various tubings on the other end with a trigger.


1D6 + 4
Handheld Device

The subject being cloned is pricked with the needle. The user of the emitter then activates the glass box and presses the trigger which then emits a beam of energy that creates a clone of the subject that lasts for 24 hours.

The emitter is an extremely powerful cypher with one of its shortcomings being that it may produce adverse effects on the clone.

Roll once to determine state of clone.

  • 01-50 – Creates an exact duplicate of the subject with same abilities. Clone is loyal to the subject. Life span 24 hours.
  • 51-60 – Creates a deformed monstrosity that attacks nearby living creatures. Life span 4 hours. Level: 4, HP: 15, Damage: 6.
  • 61-80 – Creates an exact duplicate of the subject, but is somehow aware of its short life span which is 24 hours. The clone will constantly think about its dwindling lifespan. Difficulty rolls increased by one step.
  • 81-90 – Creates the opposite sex version of the subject with same abilities but +1 to Might edge. Has strong loyalty to the subject and will die for any cause the subject believes in. Life span 24 hours.
  • 91-00 – Creates exact duplicate of subject, but alignment is evil.  Will deceive the subject that he is on his side, and at a time of his convenience will attempt to get away from or kill the subject. Life span 24 years.