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MCG Announces Into the Ninth World Kickstarter

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At Gen Con this year, Monte Cook Games recently announced that they would be running a Kickstarter to fund the production of their next run of Numenera books – the Into the Ninth World series. This is a series poised to offer GMs and players a lot more in the way of options for settings […]

Announcing the Ninth World Network!

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Hello loyal Ninth Worlders. It’s been a while in the making, and we are excited to announce that to improve the experience and resources for our users, myself and The Ninth World have partnered with David Brown and Ninth World Hub! Crazy, right? We’ve been working the past couple months to coordinate the connecting of […]

Content Contest Roundup

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With submissions for the content contest (type that three times fast) closed, I thought folks might find some of the statistics from the past week and a half interesting. And also, thanks to everyone that took part. As a very special thank you, everyone that contributed to the contest is getting a free copy of […]

Creation Day (err… Week) Contest

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Thanks for your interest in the content contest, however at this time, this contest has concluded and is no longer accepting entries. × Welcome to the first (annual?) Creation Day (Week) at The Ninth World! What’s Creation Day? Oh my, am I ever so glad you asked. Remember, The Ninth World is all about sharing […]

Site Design Update!

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Hey everybody! I figured it was time to give everyone a peek at what’s coming to The Ninth World very soon. Those of you that follow the site on Twitter might know a bit about this already, as I shared out some earlier looks the other day. While we’re plugging along quite nicely overall, I […]

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