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Star Wars Numenera

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I’m a big fan of Star Wars. I’ve made adaptations for Star Wars in almost every game system I’ve used.  I’ve played every licensed Star Wars roleplaying game that’s come out.  To this day I play the MMORPG for Star Wars the Old Republic, having played and met the developers for the previous MMO, and […]

FATE-like XP Mechanics in Numenera

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FATE is a wonderful system. It just gels perfectly with the way I think and the kind of shared control over a game I like to extend to my players. One of the things I love about Numenera is how in some ways it is very similar to FATE. My Numenera players tend to be […]

Playing With Fire

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Along similar lines of my previous post about Fun with Physics foci, here are three foci I’ve made that expand upon the fire powers presented with Bears a Halo of Flame in the core book. Hope you find them useful. You can download the PDF here: Playing With Fire

Graduated Success

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Success or failure is nice, but degrees of success is better. Since back in the playtest period for Numenera my various player groups have elected to forego the standard system of binary success or failure in the core rules of Numenera, electing instead to use the Graduated Success model presented in the Using the Rules […]

The Solo Game

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Numenera is a game that, for me, screams out solo game.  One player, one GM.  Here’s why, who, where, and how. WHY Numenera is a game lost in time.  It’s set in both the future and the past.  A person in that world could easily feel alone.  They could trek out into the strange world […]

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