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Weird Currency

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If you skipped through some sections of the core book on the way to all those fun foci, you may be forgiven for missing the section on the Ninth World’s coinage. Let’s refresh: Most civilized societies use generic coins commonly referred to as shins. Shins are usually metal but can be made of glass, plastic, […]

What Does This Thing Do?

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Premise:  Numenera PC’s don’t know much about prior world technologies and can’t identify Cyphers.  Hilarity ensues (and people probably die). Ok, here’s the idea- let’s strip off all the identifying characteristics from Cyphers and make them really just a shot in the dark. Sure it sounds crazy, but here’s the catch: when you activate a […]

Extreme Danger

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Explorers of the Ninth World put themselves in danger constantly.  Sometimes this danger takes the form of hostile cyborgs or animated rock formations.  Sometimes it’s the raw elements.  But for those whose idea of treasure is a one-time use shield generator, jury rigged from the parts of a nuclear reactor one has to ask: what […]

Rules Overview

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Joshua Wahl from the Numenera fans Google+ group was asking around recently for a brief overview of the rules of Numenera for new players, so I thought I’d put one together for today’s post.  For the sake of brevity this doesn’t include character creation or XP use, which might also be useful to go over […]

Descriptor Creation Walkthrough

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This site hosts quite a few fan-made Descriptors for Numenera at this point, but there’s no reason we should stop.   There are plenty of good adjectives out there, ready to be converted into whatever you need to make your character heroic and a bit more detailed. The Optional Rules chapter of the core book includes […]

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