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GM Experiences in DnD vs. Numenera

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Last night marked the first time in about three months that the entire crew was around for D&D. It was fun to have everyone together once again, though the intervening months have changed how I’m viewing RPGs a bit. For those of you in my campaign, don’t worry, we’re not stopping any time soon. I’ve […]

Numenera for d20 Players: Skills

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This is the second article in my series, on helping d20 players get their heads around Numenera, The Strange and the Cypher System in general. As mentioned previously…they are different games with different rules – so this is definitely not an attempt to d20-ize Numenera. And as one person put it, Numenera is “Good enough for Storytelling.” […]

New Materials

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Monte came up with a couple of brilliant materials when he wrote Numenera. Strongglass, Azure Steel along with similarly weird and fantastic substances. I have compiled a list of made up materials that I have encountered in my years of playing TTRPG’s. All of these were made up by my friends and I over a […]

All the Little Things

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There aren’t a lot of specifics in the rules—no guidelines for specific judo moves or the differences between repairing an electrically powered forcewall projector and a biomechanical aircraft. That’s not because those kinds of things are to be ignored, but because those kinds of things are flavor—they are story, description, and elaboration for the GM […]

Artifact Depletion (or lack thereof)

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I want to start a bit of a conversation here, so this won’t be a long post. But I’m definitely curious about what other people’s thoughts are about this mechanic. This started after digging into Sir Arthour’s Guide to the Numenera and looking at some of the new artifacts that they included and having a conversation about […]

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