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Non-Player Cards NPC Generator Decks Review

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The Non-Player Cards: An Artful NPC Generator was the product of a Kickstarter by Andreas Walters of Metal Weave Games which raised $16,015 on a $15,000 goal. The artwork is done, the cards have been produced, everything was packaged and shipped out, and we got ours today. Here, we take a look at what comes […]

Reviewing “Into the Night”

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Into the Night is the first release for the successful Into the Ninth World Kickstarter that completed in September. The book was mostly done when the Kickstarter was announced, so backers were able to almost immediately see a return on their money. The book weighs in at 160 pages, 140 of which are setting content, […]

Numenera Reliquary Box Set Unboxing

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The Numenera Box Set Edition was the product of a Kickstarter by Monte Cook Games which raised $286,565 on a $15,000 goal ( The boxes have been produced, assembled, and shipped out, and we got ours today. Here, we do an unboxing of the box and look at all the bits included in the set.

Interview with Agents of the Beyond author Michael Diamond

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Recently, Michael Diamond announced the upcoming release of his first Numenera novel, Agents of the Beyond. Pre-orders are currently open, and we wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to learn more about his project. Michael was kind enough to join us for the interview below. Along with the interview, you can also read a […]

[Review] Celestial Wisdom by Ryan Chaddock

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Why I Bought It? Although I picked up the Numenera Corebook in the fall of 2013, it wasn’t until December that I was able to get a full campaign brewing.  By January, I devoured everything in the core book and I was craving more!  I will be honest, I’ve always preferred hard copies for my gaming resources.  Sure, […]

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