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Brotherhood of the White Flame

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The Brotherhood of The White Flame believes in one thing: The Superiority of Pureblood Humans. They believe that their ability to manipulating the tools of previous ages shows that they (baseline humans) are superior to those who lived in those ages. Originally part of , the Brotherhood of The White Flame splintered off after its […]

The Hive

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The Hive is a secretive group of mutants and abhumans whose true reach is unknown. Their main force is located within , but there have been reports of their number beginning to appear within . The Hive desire to create superior life forms through mutation and evolution, to them weakness is worse than death. To […]

Vortex Play Report, Part One

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Vortex is a special adventure for me for two reasons.  It was not the first Numenera adventure I ran since picking up the Corebook, but it was the start of my first full campaign.  More importantly this was the adventure that brought my wife (Jen) back to the RPG table since her first and previously […]