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Numenera Reliquary Box Set Unboxing

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The Numenera Box Set Edition was the product of a Kickstarter by Monte Cook Games which raised $286,565 on a $15,000 goal ( The boxes have been produced, assembled, and shipped out, and we got ours today. Here, we do an unboxing of the box and look at all the bits included in the set.

New Materials

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Monte came up with a couple of brilliant materials when he wrote Numenera. Strongglass, Azure Steel along with similarly weird and fantastic substances. I have compiled a list of made up materials that I have encountered in my years of playing TTRPG’s. All of these were made up by my friends and I over a […]

All the Little Things

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There aren’t a lot of specifics in the rules—no guidelines for specific judo moves or the differences between repairing an electrically powered forcewall projector and a biomechanical aircraft. That’s not because those kinds of things are to be ignored, but because those kinds of things are flavor—they are story, description, and elaboration for the GM […]

Boss Battles in Numenera

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I recently responded to a call for advice over at Ninth World Hub regarding how easy a party of players can take out a single enemy. While combat isn’t the focus of Numenera in general, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of “boss battles” or powerful, singular enemies to fight. If you do want to focus […]

Vortex Play Report, Part Two

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We continue our quest through the Vortex!  For the second part of the adventure we follow: Oswin, the Nano who , played by my wife Jen. Torrent, a Jack who  played by Tom. Silus, a Jack who   played by Sarah. Lynq, the Glaive who  played by Nate. Sadly Trevor, a Nano who , was not able to […]

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