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Star Wars Numenera

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I’m a big fan of Star Wars. I’ve made adaptations for Star Wars in almost every game system I’ve used.  I’ve played every licensed Star Wars roleplaying game that’s come out.  To this day I play the MMORPG for Star Wars the Old Republic, having played and met the developers for the previous MMO, and […]

Playing With Fire

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Along similar lines of my previous post about Fun with Physics foci, here are three foci I’ve made that expand upon the fire powers presented with Bears a Halo of Flame in the core book. Hope you find them useful. You can download the PDF here: Playing With Fire

Numenera Networking

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If you’re looking to get plugged into the various online communities and sources for Numenera content, here’re a few pointers.  This is not an exhaustive list, but it gets at the bulk of the places worth visiting. Websites You are here.  Blog-like content, as well as hosted files and a growing database of player-created […]

Far Twins

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In Monte Cook Games’ glimmer “The Vortex” the players come across a strange phenomenon where one of the NPCs happens to look nearly identical to one of the player characters. What if this is more than just a coincidence? Not Just a Coincidence Far twins are like normal twins, two people who look identical. What […]

Mounts in The Ninth World

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There are rules and ideas spread throughout the Numenera core book on riding mounts.  With the help of one of my trusty players (Larry Cooper) I’ve compiled this fairly exhaustive list of mounts and mount rules. First off, the basic rules for riding can be found on page 105.  They say that riding is a Speed […]

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