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New Descriptors: Secular Monks

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These new Descriptors can be seen as career-based rather than characteristic-based, however they function in the same manner as Core Book in that they provide guidance for a character’s motivation, thought process, and modus operandi, in addition to providing appropriate bonuses, skills, abilities, and inabilities. Inspiration thanks to D.M. Cornish, Neal Stephenson, Gene Wolfe, and […]

Character Sheet Roundup!

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I’ve rounded up all the disparate character sheets and utilities I could find.  Enjoy, and if you find that I’ve missed one let me know in the comments! Official Stuff Official character sheet from Monte Cook Games Official character creator apps iOS: Android: Adaptations of the Official Sheet Fillable, interactive pdf character […]

Rules Overview

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Joshua Wahl from the Numenera fans Google+ group was asking around recently for a brief overview of the rules of Numenera for new players, so I thought I’d put one together for today’s post.  For the sake of brevity this doesn’t include character creation or XP use, which might also be useful to go over […]

Kingdoms of the Steadfast

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The following is an overview of the nine kingdoms of the Steadfast.  I find it difficult, still learning the geography of Numenera, to flip back and forth in the book to figure out what nation is where and what’s going on there.  This can be especially troublesome when meeting to decide where a new game […]

Descriptor Creation Walkthrough

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This site hosts quite a few fan-made Descriptors for Numenera at this point, but there’s no reason we should stop.   There are plenty of good adjectives out there, ready to be converted into whatever you need to make your character heroic and a bit more detailed. The Optional Rules chapter of the core book includes […]

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