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New Materials

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Monte came up with a couple of brilliant materials when he wrote Numenera. Strongglass, Azure Steel along with similarly weird and fantastic substances. I have compiled a list of made up materials that I have encountered in my years of playing TTRPG’s. All of these were made up by my friends and I over a […]

All the Little Things

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There aren’t a lot of specifics in the rules—no guidelines for specific judo moves or the differences between repairing an electrically powered forcewall projector and a biomechanical aircraft. That’s not because those kinds of things are to be ignored, but because those kinds of things are flavor—they are story, description, and elaboration for the GM […]

Strange Potential – Stronglass

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The special materials described in the Numenera core book may not be as flashy or exciting as the Artefacts and Cyphers scattered throughout the Ninth World, but they do have interesting potential all of their own. This third article explores the uses of Stronglass, a translucent material with mettalic properties. Whether you are after some […]

Creature Highlights: Stratharian War Moths

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Stratharian War Moths are exactly what the name implies – moths bred for battle. Now, you might not think the average moth is particularly scary, but these are no average moths. With a wing span of at least 5 feet, these moths mean serious business and that’s before you figure in their eerie withering light […]

Aberrant Afflictions

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Microscopic threats are one of the avenues relatively unexplored in Numenera so far. In a world where genetic modification, rampant xenobiology, transdimentional ecology and ubiquitous nanotech have all gone native; monsters dont need to be big to be feared. So let’s expand on the core books definition a little: “Diseases work like poisons, but their […]

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