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Non-Player Cards NPC Generator Decks Review

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The Non-Player Cards: An Artful NPC Generator was the product of a Kickstarter by Andreas Walters of Metal Weave Games which raised $16,015 on a $15,000 goal. The artwork is done, the cards have been produced, everything was packaged and shipped out, and we got ours today. Here, we take a look at what comes […]

Three Frameworks to Start Your Numenera Campaign

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The following quote is about the clearest advice GMs get in the core book on what kinds of campaign arcs characters explore in the Ninth World. “The Ninth World is about discovering the wonders of the worlds that came before it, not for their own sake, but as the means to improve the present and […]

GM Experiences in DnD vs. Numenera

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Last night marked the first time in about three months that the entire crew was around for D&D. It was fun to have everyone together once again, though the intervening months have changed how I’m viewing RPGs a bit. For those of you in my campaign, don’t worry, we’re not stopping any time soon. I’ve […]

Experiences with Numenera at GenCon

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Getting an event at GenCon is fairly simple. Anyone can apply for an event, from a one-shot like I ran this year, tournaments, or a panel. It’s best to apply as soon as possible so your event can be assigned a place. The Indianapolis Convention Center is a huge building that sports as many people […]

Numenera Reliquary Box Set Unboxing

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The Numenera Box Set Edition was the product of a Kickstarter by Monte Cook Games which raised $286,565 on a $15,000 goal ( The boxes have been produced, assembled, and shipped out, and we got ours today. Here, we do an unboxing of the box and look at all the bits included in the set.

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