Earthshaker : Artifact

Published December 26, 2013 by


This double bladed axe has runes resembling mountains which have been split down the middle. When activated, the bladed end vibrates with a furious energy until it strikes the ground, blurring it to normal vision.


Double bladed axe, heavy weapon when not activated.
1 in d10 (10%)

It can be activated as an action, during which the wielder swings the axe at the ground. A number of targets equal to the artifact’s level within close range of the wielder are attacked with a knockdown attack at one step easier, with separate rolls made for each target. Wielder may not spend effort on this attack. The attack does no damage to these targets. On a significant hit (17-20), knocked down targets will remain prone for 1 full round. Depletion is rolled after use.