7 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas Right Now

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of gambling and excess. While, yes, these two things are hugely popular in Sin City, they’re not all that it has to offer. In truth, there are all sorts of fun things to do in Las Vegas.

Visiting Las Vegas? Looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas right now? Here are 6 of the best options.

  1. Check Out the Fountains of Bellagio

The hotels in Las Vegas are like monuments unto themselves. It’s not just their size that’s impressive but the attractions that they host as well. Perhaps the most amazing of these attractions is the Fountains of Bellagio at the Bellagio resort.

These fountains (there are over 1200!), sit within an 8-acre lake in front of the hotel. Every 15 to 30 minutes, they go off, dancing rhythmically to a top-notch light and music show.

The fountains are free to see and can be seen with ease from the sidewalk in front of the resort. Exceedingly popular on the Strip, they always command a fairly large crowd.

  1. View the Hoover Dam

If you’re looking to get outdoors, you can head on over to the Hoover Dam, the second-largest dam in America. Built during the Great Depression, this dam stands at 726 feet high. It dams the Colorado River and thereby makes the massive Lake Mead a reality.

This is one of the more awe-inspiring sights in all of the United States. Set against a stony clay backdrop, this massive dam is something you have to see at least once in your life.

There are two ways to see the Hoover Dam. One option is to walk over the nearby bridge and view it from above. The other option is to view it from below on a boat on Lake Mead.

Note, there are guided tours available to see the dam as well. You can find them by Googling “Hoover Dam tours”.

  1. Explore Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas isn’t all about carousing. In fact, there are plenty of beautiful natural areas to explore within close proximity of the city. Perhaps the best of these is Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.

This mountain area sports an array of clay-tinged peaks and valleys, offering some of the best hiking spots in the entire state. Whether you want to get some exercise in or just take a scenic drive, it’s the perfect place to go while in town.

  1. Go to the National Atomic Testing Museum

When nuclear weapons were being invented in America in the 40s and 50s, they had to be tested. Where were they tested? Right outside of Las Vegas in the deserts of rural Nevada.

While the development of nuclear weapons might not necessarily be a bright spot in American and human history, it’s most certainly important to know of and be educated on.

This is why, if you’re in Vegas, you should consider visiting the National Atomic Testing Museum. This museum has an array of exhibits and artifacts relating to the United States nuclear weapons program. It gives you an up-close-and-personal look at the development of these weapons and helps you understand what times were like when these weapons were being developed.

  1. Play With Heavy Equipment

Have you ever wanted to hop in an excavator or bulldozer and just go crazy? If so, and if you’re in Vegas, you’re in luck!

North of the Strip, there’s an adult sandbox known as Dig This. It allows its guests to use heavy machinery in whatever way they see fit. Guests can dig up dirt and push objects along with great force, all the while receiving a rush unlike any other.

  1. Check Out the Mob Museum

You might not know it but the mob essentially built Las Vegas. They’re responsible for a good many of the early resorts that popped up in Sin City and, at one point, dominated the casino scene.

The city has tried to separate itself from its mob image over the years but history is history and it’s always going to be part of Las Vegas culture. If you want to learn more about mob history in Las Vegas, you can stop by the Mob Museum.

There are all sorts of cool things to see at this museum, from an electric chair to a replica speakeasy to relics from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and more. It’s a worthwhile stop and will go a long way in helping you see just how Las Vegas came to be.

  1. Visit the Venetian

You might not understand the appeal of visiting a hotel. That is until you show up at the Venetian. This resort is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in Vegas, showcasing everything from majestic pools to gondola rides to awesome architecture.

There are all sorts of things to do at the Venetian. You can ride in a gondola, climb on the resort’s massive rock climbing wall, take in a virtual reality experience, watch an assortment of shows, and, of course, wine and dine.

This resort, along with many others on the Strip, is an experience unto itself. If you’re looking for something fun to do, head on over to the Venetian. It’s bound to have something exciting in store for you.

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There Are Tons of Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas

Gambling gets all of the attention. But, in reality, there are tons of fun things to do in Las Vegas. These Las Vegas activities comprise only a small portion of what’s available, so do your research and see what you can find.

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