5 Different useful gun accessories

If you own a gun, you should purchase some accessories to optimize its use and retain its functionality. People own guns for personal protection, hunting, and sports. However, common people usually get it for personal safety and do not get to use it regularly.

So, to retain guns for a long time, it is essential to take care of them with specific supplies. Law enforcement ammunition simulation supplies have adequate accessories to care for your firearm and optimize its potential.

Knowing when and why to use them is essential to make it work smoothly and ensure your safety. It is your responsibility, and you must know how to assemble, reassemble, and handle it safely. Apart from extending the life of guns, some accessories can also improve and personalize your weapons.

Here are some different kinds of helpful gun accessories. Read further to know about them.

Gun holsters

It is one of the essential accessories that all gun owners must have. It helps hold the firearm right by eliminating the unwanted movement of the weapon. Also, it is designed to fit in the most desirable locations to access it easily. It is commonly found attached to the belt or waistband. However, there are other holsters, like the ankle holster.

Holsters are found with different features to suit other professions. Police officer holsters come with a strap, so it is hard for another person to grab them. Holsters for hunters are designed with a large flap to protect them from external elements like intense moisture.

Gun maintenance oil 

These are made of highly refined petroleum-based lubricant and are entirely different from the ones used for motors. It has the required additives to protect the gunmetal from dust and corrosion.

Lubrication using these oils must be done after thoroughly cleaning the gun. If not followed, you can find greasy residues on the surface. Consequently, it can negatively affect the performance of the weapon. So, it is mandatory to use gun cleansers before lubricating.


It is the cylindrical casing used in ammunition. It is where bullets, gunpowder, and primer can be found. It is made from metal brass that is more suitable for the propellant charge of the ammunition. It is essential to maintain the health of the airgun with cartridges as it extends its optimal performance and helps in resisting the firing-pin blow during ignition.

Gun bolt carrier

It is an essential part of a rifle. It is responsible for the semi-automatic function of the firearm. It helps in executing four essential functions when the trigger is pulled. The four parts are as under.

  • It makes the firing pin strike the primer present on the chambered round.
  • It allows the grabbing and ejecting of the shell casing.
  • It helps in re cocking the hammer present in the lower receiver for the next round.
  • It grabs the new round from the magazine and chamber it.

With this semi-automatic function, there is no need for manual bolting.

Piercing mag

It is used in several weapons as a weapon mod. It is mainly used to increase the firearms’ reload speed and armor penetration. Thus, optimizing an existing weapon without purchasing a new one is now possible with this piercing mag.

Thus, these are the most commonly used gun accessories found in the Law Enforcement Ammunition Simulation Supplies store. It is essential to buy this if you own a gun to extend its life and retain its safe functionality. Spending enough time to learn about these accessories and how to use them as firearms is helpful yet a dangerous weapon.