New Materials

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Monte came up with a couple of brilliant materials when he wrote Numenera. Strongglass, Azure Steel along with similarly weird and fantastic substances. I have compiled a list of made up materials that I have encountered in my years of playing TTRPG’s. All of these were made up by my friends and I over a […]

The Temple of Smiling Icons

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About the author: Ansis Connaught is the pen name of a recovering lawyer who is enjoying re-discovering gaming life after many years in the real world. This is his first fantasy publication. Mother holds his head high as the two men drag him to the leaving pole. Tegranock is grim-faced but the Nusman smiles wildly. […]

Interview with Agents of the Beyond author Michael Diamond

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Recently, Michael Diamond announced the upcoming release of his first Numenera novel, Agents of the Beyond. Pre-orders are currently open, and we wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to learn more about his project. Michael was kind enough to join us for the interview below. Along with the interview, you can also read a […]