Vortex Play Report, Part One

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Vortex is a special adventure for me for two reasons.  It was not the first Numenera adventure I ran since picking up the Corebook, but it was the start of my first full campaign.  More importantly this was the adventure that brought my wife (Jen) back to the RPG table since her first and previously […]

[Review] Celestial Wisdom by Ryan Chaddock

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Why I Bought It? Although I picked up the Numenera Corebook in the fall of 2013, it wasn’t until December that I was able to get a full campaign brewing.  By January, I devoured everything in the core book and I was craving more!  I will be honest, I’ve always preferred hard copies for my gaming resources.  Sure, […]

Playing with Words

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The following are a few ideas for the use of language in your games.  The Ninth World is so big and full of interesting cultures.  Language is such a prominent cultural artifact, taken with members of the society even when far from home.  It even flavors conversations outside of the language through accents.  Writing can […]