Extreme Danger

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Explorers of the Ninth World put themselves in danger constantly.  Sometimes this danger takes the form of hostile cyborgs or animated rock formations.  Sometimes it’s the raw elements.  But for those whose idea of treasure is a one-time use shield generator, jury rigged from the parts of a nuclear reactor one has to ask: what […]

Teaser: The Panacea Box

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The following is an excerpt from the upcoming short story The Panacea Box, a tale of physically deformed mutant girl and her sick mother, trying to survive in The Ninth World. The story will be available soon as a free ebook download in formats for most major platforms. Chapter 1 No sooner was the sun […]

Sometimes Glaives Need Love

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I’ve talked at length with my players and other friends about the Glaive type.  It’s a great type and fills an important, beloved role in our games.  But Glaives sometimes have a hard time at the table in my games and I’d like to talk about that. It’s possible you haven’t run into this.  The […]

Malfunctioning Cyphers

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Malfunctioning Cyphers have been damaged, or never worked properly to begin with. Usually you can tell they’re malfunctioning, but it requires a separate more difficult identify action to figure out their new function and some objects appear to work normally even with a successful identify action. Below is the list of Malfunctioning effects for the . This list is […]

The Grammater Society

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The Grammater Society act as the unseen eyes, ears, and hands of the ’s intelligence network in and . Their origins lie several hundred years ago when the Order’s scribes, cryptographers, and messengers unified their efforts to establish a reliable means to transmit encrypted information safely between Aeon Priests as well as their allies. The […]

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