Far Twins

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In Monte Cook Games’ glimmer “The Vortex” the players come across a strange phenomenon where one of the NPCs happens to look nearly identical to one of the player characters. What if this is more than just a coincidence? Not Just a Coincidence Far twins are like normal twins, two people who look identical. What […]

Mounts in The Ninth World

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There are rules and ideas spread throughout the Numenera core book on riding mounts.  With the help of one of my trusty players (Larry Cooper) I’ve compiled this fairly exhaustive list of mounts and mount rules. First off, the basic rules for riding can be found on page 105.  They say that riding is a Speed […]

Fun with Physics

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Hey everyone! I’ve been pretty busy this week working on my soon-to-be-released licensed Numenera supplement, Celestial Wisdom, so I haven’t had a chance to really write an article of note.  I did have time to brush up and edit a set of Foci I wrote a few months ago.  I call them Fun with Physics, […]

Advice on Player Motivations

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One of the most common problems when dealing with players in a game – any game, really – is that of motivating them and keeping them on-mission. Numenera has tried to evolve for this problem by linking the awarding of XP to the exploration and problem solving components of an adventure. While dealing with one […]

Creating Foes, Part II: People

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This is the second part in a two part series on writing adversaries in Numenera. Today’s advice is focused on humanoid or otherwise intelligent foes, and that changes everything. Fighting it Out STATS In my previous article I talked a lot about combat stats and how to construct a creature worth fighting. Much of those […]

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